Kate Chastain Says Having a Girlfriend Affected Her Work Relationship with Ben Robinson

"I think he's just jealous that I can't give him my full attention," #BelowDeck's chief stew says.

It seems like Kate Chastain and Ben Robinson's relationship has always been choppy ever since they started working together as chief stew and chef, respectively, in Season 2 of Below Deck. One minute, they're arguing about dinner service, and the next, they're flirting in the galley. Of course, Kate and Ben had a brief off-the-yacht fling as well

But now that Kate has hopped aboard the Valor with a girlfriend back home this season of Below Deck, both the chief stew and chef admit that their relationship has been different. "I don't think he's jealous of me dating somebody else; I think he's just jealous that I can't give him my full attention, which, he likes attention," Kate told The Daily Dish (clip above). "I think that the fact that I'm dating someone has made Ben a little less tolerant of me and perhaps a little more edgy or sensitive, so it's a little more difficult working together this season."

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Ben and Captain Lee Rosbach also expressed that sentiment when The Daily Dish caught up with them earlier this month. However, Kate doesn't agree with Ben's previous statement that her new relationship pulled her focus away from her job. "I know Ben thinks I was a little distracted this season, and I was giving him less attention this season," Kate said. "However, I never let it interfere with my work, and I think the charter tips reflect that."

All of that drama aside, Kate and Ben have remained good friends. Now that Kate and her girlfriend have split and she gets ready to get back into the dating game, would she consider taking her relationship with Ben to the next level? "No, I don't think Ben and I will ever have anything serious besides a really amazing friendship because we rile each other up, which can be fun in small doses," she said.

We guess Kate and Ben will just have to get married in our dreams

Things will continue to get heated during dinner service in next Tuesday night's episode of Below Deck at 9/8c. Check out the kitchen chaos to come, below.

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