Kathryn C. Dennis Is Now Looking for "Something Very Different" When It Comes to Love

The #SouthernCharm pal reveals if there's a special someone in her life.

These days when Kathryn C. Dennis isn't spending time bettering herself, she's dating someone special. And that person is, well, herself. The Southern Charm mom revealed that she's really just focused on reconnecting with who she is in the wake of some personal ups and downs the last few years.

"I'm trying to fall in love with myself," she recently told The Daily Dish, sharing what she's learned about herself in the process. "I'm actually pretty funny. If I will let myself just relax and let my guard down, I'm pretty funny and it's nice to laugh again. I haven't been able to do that really the last few years. Everything's pretty serious and intense, more yelling than anything."

And while Kathryn is focused on Kathryn at the moment, she does admit that when it does come to a romantic partner, her wish list is a little different than in years prior. "Something very different from what I was looking for three or four years ago," she said. "I haven't really thought about anything serious. I feel like right now my life is more or less stunted until everything is resolved in my personal matters. No, nope."

Hear more from Kathryn about her life now, below.

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