We Found Out the One Thing Ken Todd Won't Let Lisa Vanderpump Do

Hint #RHOBH fans: It's animal related.

Lisa Vanderpump has a lot of pets. She's kind of famous for it. The Vanderpump Rules restaurateur has dogs and swans and horses (oh my!), but it would appear there are felines missing from that menagerie of animals. And there's a good reason for it. Lisa really has Ken Todd to blame for the lack of cats in her family of pets.

"Oh, I would like a cat. Ken says no," The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills animal lover told The Daily Dish. "I would like a Maine Coon cat. I think some of those are beautiful. I would like a giant cat, but whenever he says no I normally get my way eventually."

So, why isn't Ken into getting a cat to fill out their collection? Lisa explained, "'Cause he's got two ponies, seven turtles, eight swans, and eight dogs." But Ken offered his own reason for it.

"And we're surrounded by coyotes," he said.

Still, there's hope Giggy may one day have a cat sibling to call his own. "I know right? Don't worry we'll get it," Lisa pledged.

Learn more about the VanderPets, below.

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