Khloe Kardashian Reveals She Made Her Own Sex Tape

Kim isn't the only Kardashian sister to film her most intimate moments.

Khloe Kardashian may be getting ready to ask the tough questions on her new talk show Kocktails with Khloe, but the reality TV star stepped into the hot seat herself when she appeared on Sunday night's episode of Watch What Happens Live. Though some people might squirm in their seats a little after being asked if they had ever made a sex tape, Khloe faced it head on after Andy Cohen posed that exact question to her. "I've definitely recorded myself having sex with my ex-husband [Lamar Odom], but not, like, talking to camera," Khloe revealed.

But unlike her sister Kim Kardashian's famous sex tape, Khloe hopes hers never sees the light of day. She said she keeps the small camera it was filmed on hidden away in her safe.

Though Khloe and Lamar are no longer together, she still cared deeply about her ex when he was hospitalized after being found unconscious at a Nevada brothel in October 2015. "I didn't know that particular situation was gonna happen, but I always feared the end result was gonna happen. That was always the reason why I left the marriage. I never imagined it would be at a brothel and that whole dramatic situation. I just knew I had to get to his side. I was like, he can't be there by himself alone," Khloe told Andy on WWHL. "He's a great person. His demons are overshadowing what a great heart he has. I know his soul is still great, and he's a beautiful person. He could not be there alone, and I felt like I had to be that person."

Watch What Happens Live
Khloe Opens Up About Lamar
Khloe Kardashian opens up to Andy Cohen about how she felt when she heard of Lamar Odom’s overdose and says how he’s doing today, calling his recovery a miracle.

Luckily, things are looking much better for Lamar these days. "He's actually doing really well. He's out of the hospital," Khloe revealed. "He's walking and talking."

Khloe said that Lamar's recovery since the incident is "literally a miracle." "This person was in a coma. I was told he had four hours to live. He wasn't talking. He literally could not speak or walk until three weeks ago. All of a sudden, he is walking. Doctors are astonished by how quickly he's advancing, but it's because of his athleticism and he's been a basketball player his whole life, so I'm thinking that has a major thing to do with it," she said. "He's doing great, and he's fighting for his life. I really pray that this is a wake-up call for him, and he changes his life and wants to do better. And everyone loves a good comeback story."

See more of Khloe's WWHL appearance in the pics, below.

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