Kim Zolciak's Biggest Fear for the New Season of 'Don't Be Tardy...'

The former Real Housewife opens up about her relationship with her mother.

Kim Zolciak admits she is extremely nervous about the second season of Don’t Be Tardy... which may seem a little strange coming from someone who has freely shared births, wigs, and some epic knock-‘em-down fights with viewers. 

"I am not speaking to my parents," she sadly told "This is the first situation I’ve had to deal with publicly that is too close to home.”

Fans will remember that Kim had a huge blow-up with her mom on her wedding day. This season, Kim deals with the aftermath of her mother suing her to see her grandchildren.

“It’s just heartbreaking,” Kim said. “It’s painful and it’s still so fresh. It’s hard because I’ve shared a lot of my life in front of the cameras.... I never thought it would be me having this issue with my own parents. It’s hard for me to talk about.”

Not to worry. Don’t Be Tardy... is not all tears and tirades -- there’s plenty of good times in the blended Z and B household. Firstly, there’s the arrival of baby boy, Kash Kade, who joins 14-month-old KJ, Brielle, 16, and Ariana, 11.

Kroy not only helps the girls with their homework, but Kim even divulged that he paints the girls toenails and lets them paint his!

“I’m truly blessed,” Kim said.


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