Katie Maloney-Schwartz Had a Mind-Blowing Discovery About the Kristen Doute and James Kennedy Hookup Rumors

The Vanderpump Rules SURver's feelings about the drama have definitely changed.

Sometimes, living something and then watching it back on TV can be two totally different experiences. Katie Maloney-Schwartz found that out the hard way after seeing the Kristen Doute and James Kennedy hookup rumors play out on TV during Monday night's Vanderpump Rules

In the episode, Katie heard that Kristen had hooked up with James from her husband Tom Schwartz, who heard it during the guys' golf outing. The problem is, Tom Sandoval asked James if he and Kristen had been hanging out, to which James replied, "I mean, a little bit, but not really." The guys took this as confirmation of Jax Taylor's suspicion that James and Kristen hooked up by the pool. Kristen and James later denied the rumor.

So when Katie saw how James' words were misinterpreted during the episode, she was flabbergasted. "Confusion! I was told one thing and then watched this episode and then [mind blown emoji]," Katie tweeted during Monday night's episode.

She went on to agree with one fan who pointed out that "hanging out" and "hooking up" are two very different things. "I know! Wtf?" Katie tweeted. "The telephone [game] BLOWS!"


Kristen also couldn't believe her ears when she saw James' comments in the episode. "My brain exploded," she said on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen Monday night. "I texted Katie and Stassi [Schroeder], clearly, texted the Witches of WeHo, 'Did you see this the way I saw it?' And we all rewound it five times." 

And if you're still confused, Bravo superfan Chrissy Teigen has taken the liberty of clearing up the situation for you on Twitter. "James never said anything about hooking up with [Kristen]. Why is everyone misquoting James?" she tweeted Tuesday. "Now James and [Kristen] are fighting and yet, at the core, agreeing they didn’t do anything. I’m giving them the benefit of the doubt here." 

Who does Kristen think was really in the wrong in this situation? Find out, below.

Watch What Happens Live
Kristen Denies the Rumor Involving James Kennedy
After playing a clip of Jax Taylor insinuating a hookup between James Kennedy and Kristen Doute on #PumpRules, Kristen denies the rumor that anything occured between her and her ex-boyfriend.
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