Kyle Richards Cheers on 'Amazing' NeNe Leakes

"She just has that quality about her," K praises her fellow ‘Wife.

Who's enthusiastically waving her pom poms on the sidelines of NeNe Leakes' TV career? It's soon-to-be CSI guest star Kyle Richards.

"I absolutely love it," the Beverly Hills Housewife tells Haute Living about her Atlanta comrade's leap into the scripted spotlight. "As an actress myself, I never wanted to do reality television, I never thought I'd be on a show like this. Now I see NeNe making the crossover and I love seeing that."

Plus, Kyle enjoys catching up with Team Talls' leader whenever she's in La La Land to film her role as Rocky on The New Normal. "I think NeNe is very funny, she walks into a room and everyone notices her. She just has that quality about her. Whenever she's in town we get dinner sometimes, she's been over to my house, she's amazing."

As is the next season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, promises Mrs. Mauricio. "We're just living our lives and the first two seasons were not short on drama and this season is not short on drama at all. A lot of glamour and fun things this season as well. It definitely will not disappoint."

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