Jax Taylor Can't Help That He Has a Foot Fetish, Says Kylie Jenner Is His Celebrity Crush

The #PumpRules bartender reveals what turns him on (and off) in a round of 21 questions. 

Over the course of four seasons, we've gotten to know the womanizing ways of Vanderpump Rules bartender slash model Jax Taylor. He clearly loves women, but does he have a preferred part of the female form? Yes, that would be feet. But before you raise an eyebrow, hear him out. 

“Here’s the thing about feet: you can’t help what you love. You like what you like. I mean, I just can’t help it," Jax said, during Bravo's own fast-paced game of 21 questions. "I didn’t say when I was born, ‘This is what I want to like.’ I like it. I like women’s feet, I can’t help it. I’m sorry.” 

In addition to revealing what he loves most about women, and the celebrity encounters he's had in the past,  Jax was quick to drop his current celebrity crush. "Kylie Jenner, that's right... I love her," he explained. (What about her feet, though?) 

But in the world of Housewives, he only has eyes for Real Housewives of Orange County's Meghan King Edmonds — and his boss Lisa Vanderpump, of course. (Nice save, Tom Schwartz.) 

Jax revealed even more about some of his love life in the Vanderpump Rules after show. Check it out below.  

Vanderpump Rules After Show
After Show Pre-Show: How Many Celebs Has Jax Slept With?
Jax Taylor dishes on his romantic hookups and a special guest (hint: his mom) surprises him!

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