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Kylie Jenner's Rumored Pregnancy Is Giving This Real Housewives Alum Some Feelings

She made two really honest observations about the Kardashian sister on Twitter.

Dina Manzo is known for telling it like it is, which makes the former Real Housewife of New Jersey particularly entertaining when it comes to her current commentary about Kylie Jenner, which she's been sharing on Twitter.

Yeah, she said it: "What’s the point of Kylie being so obvious about her pregnancy and still not announcing it?" She's also verbally side-eyeing the new Calvin Klein ad starring Kylie and her sisters.

"That Calvin Klein ad could have been so much prettier & unique with her pregnant belly exposed," she wrote of Kylie, who wrapped herself up in a blanket in the photo. "Not that I’m losing sleep over it but it’s just silly at this point."

"This isn’t a permanent thing," an anonymous person told Entertainment Tonight of Kylie's relative silence on social media. “As soon as the baby is born, she will make an announcement and introduce the baby to her fans. She will also address the fact that she went 'dark' on social media and in the public."

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