Annabelle Neilson's Advice for Julie Montagu? "She Needs to Stand up for Herself"

The #LadiesofLondon star weighs in on social climbers and bullies.

Leave it to Annbelle Neilson to tell it like it is — or at least how she sees it. London is all about status, and the Ladies of London model and socialite has some interesting thoughts about anyone trying to inch his or her way up the social ladder. "You can smell a social climber from a mile away," she shared in a recent interview with Bustle. "There are social climbers in almost every walk of life."

Of course, should you be lucky enough, just because you get to the top, doesn't mean you can't find yourself at the bottom. "Most people have to start somewhere, and most people climb a ladder," she said. "Some people go down those ladders."

It's not just social climbers that Annabelle has an opinion on. After the fall-out from Caroline Stanbury and Julie Montagu's New Year's Eve disagreement (watch the moment below), Annabelle remains on Julie's side. "I got bullied in school, I got pushed around, and I know what it's like," she said. "I don't like watching anyone feel like they're being undermined, and if I can stop it to a degree, I will." However, she did add, "I'm not going to be Julie's bodyguard. Julie needs to stand up for herself."

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