Lady Gaga Dances Away the Heartbreak in "Perfect Illusion" Video

And she does it all while wearing very short shorts...

OK, so "Perfect Illusion" might not be about Lady Gaga's break-up with Taylor Kinney, but she's definitely dancing away some sort of heartache in the optical illusion of a video. The visual features Gaga (in the shortest shorts that have ever been created by a human hand) driving to a remote desert location. It's deserted (as the location suggests), yet somewhere along the way a concert/dance party pops up. British hunk Mark Ronson (who produced the song) is even there! Gaga's performing. She's stomping around. She's having a blast. She's fist pumping the anger away. Heck, we're there fist pumping with her.

And then she rolls around and boom(!), everyone and everything is gone. Now, comes the questions. WAS IT EVEN THERE IN THE FIRST PLACE? ARE WE HALLUCINATING WITH GAGA? WAS IT ALL JUST A PERFECT ILLUSION? Quite frankly, who knows. We may never know. But it sure was fun to watch. "Perfect Illusion" is the first single off Gaga's next highly-anticipated album, Joanne, out October 21. To pass the time until it gets release, check out the full video below.

If you want more Gaga, check out a highlight from her 2013 appearance on Watch What Happens Live.

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