Laura Dern's Story About George Clooney and Charlie Sheen Will Make You Super Jealous of Her Life

This sounds like it was quite the adventure...

We don't know what your youthful shenanigans looked like, but we're fairly certain they weren't as fab as Laura Dern's, who recalled one of her adventures from back in the day when she appeared on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen on Wednesday. As the legend goes, she was making a film called Grizzly 2 along with George Clooney and Charlie Sheen in the 1980s. And from there, it only gets wilder.

"One of my favorite memories is George Clooney, myself, and Charlie Sheen made a movie in Hungary together and they lost their financing and we were stuck in Hungary for a month waiting for them to get their money back to either send us home or continue shooting and that was an amazing, hilarious wild time," she recalled about making the film, which never actually saw the light of day.

The Big Little Lies actress was quick to note that this failed shoot took place in a very different time — you know, before cell phones. "And I was remembering the other day and I wanted to tell George this — I remember there were no devices and international calls cost so much and we were trying to remember the name of the boss on The Jetsons, which is Mr. Spacely," she said. "And we pooled our money together from our per diem to make the international call to call a friend cause it was making us insane. And were like, 'It might be $120, but we have to know the name.'"

Laura spills more about her awesome life, below.

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