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Leslie Jones, TV’s Biggest Fan and Most Epic Tweeter, Is Also the Most Amazing Game of Thrones Recapper, Naturally

No need to rush to the TV to catch the latest episode when her wrap-ups are this good.

SNL comedian and writer Leslie Jones is a big TV fan and hilarious live tweeter, as you may have noticed during last year's Olympic Games. She's most skilled at recapping the thrills and chills of Game of Thrones, but she was too sick to live tweet the last episode, so she watched it a few days later with Seth Meyers for an on-air segment called "Game of Jones" on Late Night with Seth Meyers.

"You are watching the show on another level than I am," he quickly noticed. (It's the second time the longtime friends have watched together for his show.)

"That's because I am the Game of Thrones, honey," she retorted.

"Game of Thrones is where you are like the most nerdy, white, 12-year-old boy," he snickered.

Watch the video to see the pair get a special visit from one of the cast members, who scares and excites Jones at the same time as she leaps up for a big hug before the three settle down to eat popcorn to the rest of the episode. 

If you miss the next episode or need to catch up, her Twitter feed will ensure that you don't miss out on any of the intricacies.




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