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Lilly Ghalichi Says Her Ex-Fiance Used Instagram to Scam Her

The #Shahs alum reveals what led to her breakup on the Nik Richie Podcast.

Lilly Ghalichi may have called it quits with her fiancé Dhar Mann more than a year ago, but the Shahs of Sunset alum still has a lot to say about their relationship, including some major accusations. 

Lilly appeared as a guest on the latest installment of the Nik Richie Podcast, and she described how Dhar allegedly scammed her, even though her friend Nik Richie warned her about her ex. "Yeah, I totally fell for the scam," Lilly said. "But the thing is I'm not that great of a judge of people, even though I'm an attorney, and I'm supposed to be an excellent judge of character, I see the best in everyone. I'm so naive. I'm like, 'Oh my God, you want to be my best friend? You want to be my best friend?' I would never imagine somebody's trying to take advantage of me." 

The entrepreneur claims that their relationship was built on lies from the beginning. She said that she and Dhar first met because he made friends with a lot of her friends, which she implied that he did by bribing them with gifts, such as a pair of shoes and a camera. "He told them all, 'Your friend Lilly, I can really help her because I do affiliate marketing and she has all these businesses, so I can blow these businesses up if you can just connect me to her, I would really take her life to another level.'"

When Lilly finally met Dhar, she quickly got swept up in the romance. "Everyone warned me that that's not real and that wasn't the way life works, but in my defense, any girl in my position would have done what I did. This guy was so sweet, so charming. I literally woke up every day to giant deliveries of roses, love poems, all my favorite foods being delivered. It was just the most romantic whirlwind. It's like something out of a movie," Lilly said on the podcast. "I just went with it. At first, I wasn't feeling it that much. I was like, 'Oh haha, this is fun.' But then he's so sweet." 

Though it may have seemed like Dhar was financing Lilly's lavish lifestyle, she is quick to assert that she has been and is an independent woman. "The world thinks that he bought me all these lavish gifts and all these sorts of things. No," she said. "In the history of our almost year engagement, I got one present, and it was a Chanel bag, which I tried to return when I broke up. Other than that, I pay for my entire life. I pay all my bills. I buy everything I wear from head to toe." 

However, when Dhar gave Lilly a car for her birthday, which she said was really a lease, she saw a different side of him. "The way that it was given to me was just so inauthentic. It was in the middle of my birthday party. He asked everyone to stand up and go outside in the middle of my birthday dinner. We're eating. There's 50 paparazzi that he called waiting outside to give me a birthday present, and to me, that's not genuine," Lilly explained. "I just feel like that was more of a gift for him than it was for me." 

Lilly could tell that Dhar liked attention, but that didn't matter to her at first. "He was real to me, like he was my real-life boyfriend, and I did realize he had an unhealthy obsession with Instagram and an unhealthy obsession with fame. But you have to understand, I came out of a 12-year relationship where [my ex] lied, he cheated, he did drugs," she said. "This guy is the most romantic, kindest soul, so I'm like, 'OK, he's obsessed with being famous, Insta-famous, whatever. It's not so bad.'" 

She said she broke up with Dhar for many reasons, but partly because he loved Instagram so much. Dhar tried to prove otherwise to Lilly after they split, even going so far as to shut down his Instagram at one point, she said, but one day she noticed that his follower count had jumped by something like 150,000. Dhar denied Lilly's claim at first, but he eventually owned up to it. "And he admitted to me about a week later that he did buy those followers, but the fact that he would lie to me was just so hurtful, and once you lose trust, there's no relationship," Lilly said. "That's not why we got engaged and [broke up], but if he did not have an Instagram page we probably would not have broken up." 

Lilly thinks that Dhar "absolutely" used her to grow his Instagram following, which she believes he continues to do today. "The day that I officially ended it and he bought new followers, he immediately started following — he doesn't follow that many people — but everyone he followed were girls that have over a million followers, and he's dating one of them now," she said. 

However, Lilly doesn't think Dhar is the kind of person that would scam other people. "Although I can't tell you if he's scammed people or not, I would be very surprised to know that he has because at the end of the day, although he portrayed himself to be somebody that he isn't, because he isn't rich, he isn't successful, by no means, he is a really great person. So I would be very shocked to know that he scammed people," she explained. 

Lilly even thinks that if it weren't for Instagram, she would "potentially" be married to Dhar right now. But if you're still holding out hope for that to happen, you will be disappointed. Lilly said there's a "zero, like non-existent" chance of the two ever getting back together.

Dhar has not responded to The Daily Dish's request for comment.

Dhar's Instagram profile is still active today with 698,000 followers at the time of this writing. However, he only has four photos up, the most recent of which was posted in November 2015. 

But have no fear. Lilly's Instagram is alive and well and currently has 2 million followers. You should never let a break-up get in the way of taking selfies, after all.

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