Lisa Rinna Shares Hilarious Secrets of the Soaps

The veteran actress reveals an amazing acting tip she picked up on Days.

As any watcher of Joey Tribbiani on Friends knows, soap opera acting requires a vast array of dramatic expressions and faces ("smell-the-fart acting" anyone?). And as a veteran of the business, Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' Lisa Rinna has got an arsenal of them at her disposal.

"Soap opera looks are ingrained in me now because I lived it for such a long period of time," she tells The Daily Dish. "I don't consciously think about it."

One trick she learned very early on was how to convey the right amount of emotion when a camera lingers for a dramatic hold. "Those looks are like 3 seconds but they feel like 3 minutes!" she exclaims. "When I was on Days of Our Lives, I asked an actress 'What should I think about during those moments?' and she said, 'Think about whether or not you left the iron on in your house. Think about that. Did I leave it on? Could it burn the house down?' That just gives the best look ever!"

Soap opera looks are ingrained in me now because I lived it for such a long period of time.

Lisa Rinna

So has Lisa had to use that particular skillset during her time on RHOBH? "No, I haven't used it on RHOBH yet," she jokes, even though she has previously called filming Real Housewives "like doing Melrose Place on steroids."

But never fear that Lisa's soap training could be for naught. The actress has said that she would "absolutely" consider a return to soap operas. "I love the soap world," she recently told Soap Opera Digest. "You know I do. It's where I come from."

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