Malia White and Wes Walton Just Took a Major Step in Their Relationship

The #BelowDeckMed couple did something seriously romantic recently.

Now that Malia White and Wes Walton are officially a couple, we can't wait to see what the future holds for the Below Deck Mediterranean yachties. In fact, the present looks pretty great for the pair. 

The couple jetted off to Wes' native country of South Africa after the Below Deck Med reunion. "We are going to South Africa together," Malia told The Daily Dish prior to their departure. "But I don't know if that's because we're in a relationship or because I really want to see some lions." 

Well, Malia and Wes did get to see some lions during the epic vacay, as well as some other wonderful sights.

T.I.A. (This is Africa). #backinthebush #sunset #whereissimba #proudlysouthafrican #belowdeckmed #belowdeck

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We're not sure if Malia and Wes' photos of their travels look so gorge because of the incredible backdrop or because they look so happy together. 

Malia wasn't just going to get to know Wes' home country while visiting South Africa. "I met her family. She's meeting my family," Wes revealed during Watch What Happens Live: Below Deck Mediterranean. "I've been to her hometown and everything."

The Below Deck Med duo has also traveled to Fort Lauderdale, Colorado, Los Angeles and Spain together before reuniting with the crew in New York City earlier this month.


Watch the whole Sirocco squad reflect on the season, below.

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