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Could This Be a Sign Mariah Carey and Jennifer Lopez Have Ended Their Legendary Feud?

A human can only dream.

Mariah Carey and Jennifer Lopez's diva-licious beef is the stuff of legends -- and one very iconic gif.

So you can imagine how excited we all were to see that there was one publication brave enough to try and call a ceasefire on their feud by giving each of the pop divas equal time in the sun by granting both of them a cover that pays tribute to their perfection. That publication is Paper (that of naked Kim Kardashian attempting to break the internet fame) and you can bet that they managed to capture the sheer magnitude of Mariah and J.Lo's superstar personas.

We will now wait and see if this somehow eases tensions between these two queens. But, we're kind of hoping it only paves way for more shade because they are both just so good at it, as you can see above and below.

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Mariah Carey on Not Knowing J. Lo
Andy Cohen asks singer Mariah Carey to elaborate on her past statement that she doesn’t know singer Jennifer Lopez and Mariah says, among other things, “I’m very forgetful.”
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