Everyone Is In Love with Marissa Hermer's Husband for Helping Her Through That Difficult Birth

We get choked up about that #LadiesOfLondon hospital moment just thinking about it.

One of the sweetest moments involving a Bravoleb's husband occurred in Tuesday night's Season 3 premiere of Ladies of London when Marissa Hermer's husband Matt Hermer burst into tears of relief after finding out that the birth of the couple's third child, daughter Sadie, went smoothly following a difficult pregnancy (clip above). Yeah, we're kind of tearing up just thinking about it. 

And apparently, we weren't the only ones sobbing at the scene. "It was SO emotional," Marissa tweeted Thursday. "[I] cried when i saw the episode - and am SO thankful for @MattHermer."

And pretty much everyone is as in love with Matt as Marissa is after that emotional Ladies of London moment.

Marissa also explained on Twitter that because of the surgeries and blood transfusions needed, Matt wasn't able to be in the delivery room as he had been when the couple's sons, Max and Jake, were born.

After Marissa became pregnant with her third child, she was diagnosed with placenta accreta, which can cause excessive bleeding. "It was a pretty traumatic time but thankfully we all made it through it," she tweeted Thursday.

Marissa also tweeted that the family is "very lucky," and she called Sadie "such a miracle."

Now that Marissa and Matt have welcomed their new bundle of joy home, the Ladies of London cookbook author said it was all worth it. "[At] the end of the day, we all have these tough moments," Marissa tweeted. "[M]om life is not easy but a prize at the end."

See Matt living the dad life, below.

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