Is This the Hardest Test Dr. Simone and Cecil Whitmore Have Faced in Their Marriage?

Is the Married to Medicine couple on the same page?

Dr. Simone Whitmore and her husband, Cecil Whitmore, have been through a lot over the past year. After experiencing some marital issues last season of Married to Medicine, Dr. Simone shared her plans to file for divorce. But during what will go down in Bravo history as one of the most shocking, rawest, and touching reunions ever, Dr. Simone and Cecil ultimately decided to reconcile at last season's Married to Medicine reunion.

Now that Dr. Simone and Cecil have reaffirmed their love for one another, it's almost like they've gotten married all over again. Why, they're practically newlyweds!

So we decided to put their marriage to the test and see how well all that work on their relationship has been going in our very own version of The Newlywed Game, which you can check out, above. Do Dr. Simone and Cecil remember the location of their first date, the craziest place they've ever gotten intimate, and which celeb their spouse is crushing on? Press play on the above clip to find out.

Dr. Simone and Cecil are ready to make some major changes in their relationship — maybe. See what's in store for the Whitmores in the upcoming episode of Married to Medicine Sunday at 8/7c, below.

Married to Medicine
Is Dr. Simone Ready for Her Family to Be in One House Again?
There's one little problem...

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