Quad Webb-Lunceford Responds to the Married to Medicine Ladies' Shade with Even More Shade

Here's the real reason Quad isn't confiding in her friends like she used to.

Do you feel that chill? That is the iciness that's formed between Quad Webb-Lunceford and her fellow Married to Medicine ladies this season. Many in the Married to Medicine crew are disappointed that Quad won't open up to them about what's really going on in her marriage to Dr. Gregory Lunceford, while Quad has expressed that she hasn't felt comfortable doing that.

As the ladies attempt to come to a better understanding of one another, they've thrown a lot of shade along the way. Dr. Simone Whitmore and Toya Bush-Harris in particular have had A LOT to say about Quad and her relationship woes during their appearances on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen this fall.

So when Quad appeared on WWHL on Sunday night, she called Dr. Simone out for "lying" about why she seems to mostly be confiding in her Sister Circle co-hosts, "because they don't call her out on her BS," as one fan put it. Quad also clapped back at her friends' comments about her supposed lack of transparency when it comes to her personal life these days. "If I felt very comfortable and if I felt there was a conducive environment where I could feel very free to open up where I would not be judged, ridiculed, or chastised for my decisions, then of course I would open up as the day is long," she explained. "Some of the ladies on Married to Medicine don't provide that atmosphere, and that's just the truth." 

The sassiness didn't end there! Quad threw some more of what she called "growth shade" during the WWHL After Show. See what she had to say and about whom, below.

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