Now You Can Basically Get a Meal Delivery Service for Your Dog

'Cause puppies can be yuppies too.

We love Blue Apron because they send high-end ingredients and easy-to-follow instructions straight to our doors. In 30 minutes flat, we have swanky-looking, fancy-tasting meals that we made ourselves, and we can pat ourselves on the back for essentially being Tom Colicchio.

Meanwhile our dogs are all, “Hey can I get a scrap of that hangar steak with shallot sauce pls?”

Well good news, puppies: The Farmer’s Dog is a new service that is the canine equivalent of Blue Apron.

Just like the food services for us humans, The Farmer’s Dog has you fill out a profile for your pup (age, weight, breed, body type, activity level, food preferences, and dietary restrictions). Then they create a personalized feeding guide with recipes specifically for your pooch, all made with real-people food ingredients. Seriously—the recipes are tested on humans. Mmm!

As an example, one recipe features turkey, parsnips, chickpeas, carrots, broccoli, spinach, and fish oil. Is your dog salivating yet? (Probably, dogs tend to salivate a lot.)

Unlike the typical recipe delivery service, you don’t have to actually do any cooking. The meals are already assembled, pre-portioned, and refrigerator-friendly, so the only “prep work” is squeezing into a bowl (or ramekin if you want to give him a true Michelin Star experience). Even better? After your first week of samples, they’ll start shipping on a six-week basis so you don’t have to worry about getting a new box every week. 

Prices vary depending on your pet’s needs, but rest assured, you’ll make up for it by not having to feed half of your Blue Apron hanger steak to your dog. 


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