Michelle's New 'Do

Expert hairstylist Tabatha Coffey weighs in on the First Lady's new cut!


The First Lady of Impeccable Fashion Sense, Michelle Obama, showed off a sleek new 'do at a White House soiree last night. Not since the days of Kate Holmes and Rihanna has there been this much hoo-hah over a haircut. The President approves ("Michelle, she looks fabulous. I'm a little frumpy," he tells Today), as does star of Tabatha's Salon Takeover, Tabatha Coffey.

"Michelle Obama's hair looks great - it's easy, versatile, and chic," says Coffey. "However the back does look like it was maybe pinned up, not actually cut short. If that's the case I like it even more. It shows how being creative can change the look of your hair into a shorter cut to beat summer heat or keep people guessing."

That's two in favor - what's your vote? Michelle's new cut: hair do or hair don't?

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