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Nene Leakes Confirms: She's Engaged Again!

After a little pestering, she confirms the news to Jimmy Fallon.

After handily skirting around the issue earlier in the day on Today, Nene Leakes was apparently saving the good news for her pal Jimmy Fallon, who finally got her to confirm that she is once again engaged!

It took some pestering and a bunch of photos that Nene tweeted on New Year's Eve for Jimmy to make his case, but eventually after showing the world his slate of evidence, he cut to the chase. "You start tweeting out these photos ... So, I'm going, 'Are you engaged?' Can you say something?" Jimmy asked. Nene's response?

"Well, a little after midnight, I was asked this beautiful question: 'Will. You. Marry. Me. Again?'" Nene slowly recited, eventually answering that she said yes, prompting Jimmy to bust out of his seat in excitement. Watch the fun moment:

NeNe and Gregg met in 1996 and later married, but divorced in 2011 -- though it seems the two have worked things out and are back on their way to wedded bliss.

Earlier in the day, NeNe was on Today with Kathy Lee and Hoda, but when they asked about the tweets, she just said that fans will "just have to tune into the ‘Housewives’ and see." Well played, Jimmy Fallon!

Oh, and speaking of tuning into Housewives, Real Housewives of Atlanta is back big time this Sunday night!

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