NeNe Leakes Weighs In on Taylor and Nicki's Twitter War

The former #RHOA star puts things into perspective for the dueling musical divas. 

Things got heated there for a second, but we’re happy to report that the Twitter feud between pop star Taylor Swift and hip hop diva Nicki Minaj has finally come to an amicable end.

It all started when Taylor misunderstood a Tweet sent from Nicki after her “Anaconda” video was snubbed from the Video of the Year category for this year’s MTV Video Music Awards.

Taylor (who IS up for VoTY) quickly snapped back, claiming how uncharacteristic it is for the rapper to pit women against one another. Shade has officially been thrown!

A clearly confused Nicki quickly quipped back…

The “Bad Blood” singer eventually accepted defeat and admitted that she misconstrued the not-so-shady situation.

But naturally NeNe Leakes had to have the last word, drawing the real travesty in this situation. #GirlBye.

We still love you Nicki--and we're not pleading the fifth about it!

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