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Lisa or Brandi: Who Had the Better Wine Throw?

Vote for the Housewife with the most dramatic toss.

Wine's away!

On this season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, there's been no shortage of drama, laughs, and tears—but our favorite trend has been the proliferation of wine getting hurled among the Housewives.

Earlier this season, Brandi shocked the women when she unexpectedly tossed her vino at Eileen Davidson. Brandi retaliated when Eileen refused to perform her soap opera character on command.

And during last night's epic "Amster-Damn" trip to Holland, Lisa Rinna amped up the drama by tossing her beverage on the table—and then smashing her goblet to pieces.

So which wine toss do you think was most dramatic? Sound off in our highly scientific poll.


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