Heather Dubrow, It's Time You Invest in the Chambong

by Jocelyn Vena
October 13, 2015 • 3:05 PM ET
For a woman who has invested in a champagne doorbell for her new home, there's another gadget Heather Dubrow might want to put on her shopping list: the Chambong. It's like a beer bong but meant to be used with the Real Housewives of Orange County...
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7 Top Chef Alums with Drool-Worthy Instagram Feeds

by Alesandra Dubin
October 13, 2015 • 12:29 PM ET
You’re the one who shoots like 15 views of each course at varying angles before anyone at the table is permitted to eat. In your defense, your Instagram feed is a seriously well-curated collection of food porn, and you’ve got loyal followers to...
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