10 Bravo Dinner Parties That Were Worse Than Your Thanksgiving

by Laura Rosenfeld
November 27, 2015 • 11:01 AM ET
Thanksgiving inspires warm and fuzzy thoughts of delish food and lovely company. But for some people, that's more of a dream than a reality. Instead, sharing a big meal with the fam can sometimes turn into an evening filled with political debates...
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You Won't Believe What's in These Crazy Cocktails

by Tamara Palmer
November 27, 2015 • 10:01 AM ET
Forget that lime twist: Wouldn't you much rather top your drink with caviar—or maybe even some beef? These bars nationwide are upping the ante on over-the-top cocktails. Treasure Chest No. 3, Three Dots and a Dash, Chicago   Chicago’s...
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Mini Mousey: The Luckiest Girl-Pup In the World

by Jin Kang
November 26, 2015 • 1:01 PM ET
It’s Thanksgiving and as we look back on 2015 and all the things we’re thankful for, one thing for sure is that Fredrik Eklund was able to rescue this sweet little puppy. And we’re sure she agrees! Here are 7 reasons why Mini-Mousey is the...
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These Bravo Dogs Deserve to Win Best in Show

by Laura Rosenfeld
November 26, 2015 • 11:01 AM ET
Most of us can agree that Thanksgiving is all about family, turkey, and football. But for some people, the fourth Thursday of November is dedicated to celebrating the most beautiful and best-trained dogs in the country. Every Thanksgiving, the...
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