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Chrissy Teigen Decided to Take a Nap During the Oscars, Because Why Not?

The model cannot miss nap time, apparently.

Apparently nothing can come between Chrissy Teigen and her nap time — not even sitting in the audience of a major awards show donning sparkling couture. As it turns out, Chrissy used the 2017 Oscars as the perfect opportunity to catch some Zzzz's, and there are gifs to prove it. The moment apparently took place while Casey Affleck was on stage accepting his trophy for Best Actor for his work in Manchester by the Sea.

No surprise here, but the model later showed off her signature sense of humor when commenting on the whole thing.

Well, this and this to name a couple of things, Chrissy.

Good thing Jax Taylor jumped on Twitter to act as her alarm clock.

In case you need to be reminded of what Chrissy looks like awake, check out the photos below.

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