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Exclusive: the Matchmaker opens up about her past as a witch.

And you thought Carlton Gebbia was the only witch in the Bravoverse!

Last week, Millionaire Matchmaker star Patti Stanger gave an interview to Buzzfeed in which she revealed that she used to practice Wicca for six years.

Naturally, we had a few follow-up questions for Miss Stanger—here's what she told us. (And while we're at it, we're having a live Twitter chat with Patti and her staff this Thursday at 8p ET—one lucky participant will even win a free consultation with the Matchmaker herself.)

How did you get involved? Who introduced you to it?
I'm very drawn to witches, maybe it's a "past life" thing as I was always interested in the occult since I was very little from astrology to magic. I used to go to a famous Wiccan store in NYC called Magical Child which is where I was introduced to a famous psychic who I went to work for as her assistant for 3 years. She practiced many forms of magic including Wicca.

What did you like about it?
I loved the ceremonial aspects as well has learning to master your own power. The fact that Wicca worships the Earth and energy of spirit seemed natural to me.

Any interesting/funny anecdotes from your time practicing the faith?
I left the psychic as she used her talents for harming others if they did not obey her. I caught her trying to hurt someone I loved. I saw many fall victim to her and I never believed in changing one’s will. Many had serious accidents as well as losing money or lovers.

The funniest thing I did was join a coven where you stood naked to perform a ceremony, the front door wasn't locked and the UPS guy came in. Very embarrassing. After that I liked to perform my rituals with close friends or alone.

What made you want to renounce the faith? How did you go about disconnecting yourself from it?
It was never a faith thing to me. I still practice white magic protection and soul mate spells if needed. Plus, I studied Kabbalah as well which is another form of magic. I like to combine all the secrets of the universe in one as they all lead to God/ higher power. Like many other forms of magic, Wicca can teach you to heal yourself as well as others with herbs, prayer, and proper intention. It teaches how to connect to pure source energy.

What are the biggest misconceptions people have about Wicca?
That all witchcraft is used to control others when it's really there to heal one’s mind, body and soul. Most Wiccans or those who practice any other magical art like Sanatoria use it for good, not evil.

Are you still in touch with any practicing Wiccans?
Not any more due to the fact that I moved away from them and I chose to practice my own spiritual magic which works for me as a combination of all the forms of magic I studied. I found my own secret recipe.

What aspects of it do you miss, if any?
Getting together with others to pray and help others. It's the sorority aspects I miss.

What faith do you align yourself with now?
I will always honor Judaism and the Kabbalah but my true faith is spirituality as in all faiths that are of higher power. Religion is too dogmatic for me.

What do you think about fellow Bravo Wiccan Carlton Gebbia?
I think it's great she worships her faith but I feel most people don't understand it. Maybe next season!

Are you surprised by Patti's revelation? Tell us in the comments.

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