Property Envy Poll: Rock, Trees and Big Game Hunting

From a sprawling hillside complex to a rock ‘n’ roll abode, what were your favorite homes from last night’s episode?

Maybe you want to be close to nature, or maybe you’ve always dreamed of having a real-life safari in your living room. Or perhaps you are a rock & roll enthusiast who’s fantasized about having a $3.5 million recording studio in your basement.

If any of those apply, then last night’s Property Envy was for you. From a sprawling hillside complex built into the woods of Big Sur to a music lovers dream home in Santa Monica, the featured homes had plenty of amazing features.

Survey last night's featured properties in our gallery, then take our poll: which one was your favorite.


Red Wood (Big Sur, CA)

Designed by Mickey Muennig, this hillside complex is built right into the woods of Big Sur, CA, and features a 1600-square-foot art studio. The six-bed, 3.5-bath home sits on three acres, and features a red wood roof, which is fitting given its surroundings in the Red Wood Forest. The 6800-square-foot compound is valued at $7.5 million.


The Animal House (Greensboro, GA)

At 14,600 square feet, this Tuscan-style villa is massive. Situated on 5.7 acres, the lake front property is a wildlife enthusiast's dream: the property features more than 200 pieces of taxidermy, like lions, tigers, and an elephant head. The bill for those pieces alone was $250,000. For $10.9 million, this animal house can be yours (but the safari prizes are not included in the price).


The House of Rock (Santa Monica, CA)

This California estate is a music lover’s dream. Built in 1926, the 11,000 square foot home features a $3.5 million recording studio, a music room with 40-foot-high cathedral ceilings, and a massive kitchen sporting two ovens and two refrigerators (in case you ever need to host an opulent dinner party). And guests will eat in style in the chainmail-tinted dining room, which was inspired by Tina Turner’s stage costumes. Want to take a dip? The home features 2400-square-foot infinity pool, one of the largest in Santa Monica. This property can be yours for $22 million.

Take our poll and let us know your favorite homes from last night's episode! And revist our previous polls by clicking here and here.

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