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Ramona Singer Recently Gave a Girlfriend Advice on How to Deal with Infidelity: "I've Been There"

These words of wisdom hit close to home for the #RHONY entrepreneur.

Ramona Singer certainly likes to dish out her opinion on the love lives of The Real Housewives of New York City — whether her fellow Manhattanites like it or not. But when Ramona's besties do come to her hoping for some help in the romance department, she's prepared with some words of wisdom. 

One of Ramona's pals recently came to her with a quandary that hit very close to home for the RHONY entrepreneur. "The last piece of advice I gave was to a girlfriend who was having problems with her significant other," Ramona revealed in the latest edition of The Last Thing. "She thinks he's cheating on her, and I said, 'Well, this is a tough one to figure out. I know it, because I've been there.'"

Of course, Ramona is referring to her ex-husband Mario Singer's infidelity, which contributed to their divorce that was finalized in 2016. But Ramona hasn't given up on love. She's got some serious game when it comes to dating, which she's not afraid to flaunt on RHONY

In fact, the last date Ramona went on sounds pretty epic. "I just got back from San Antonio. It was a long date," she said cheekily in the above clip, which also includes many other juicy tidbits, like Ramona's last big splurge and how she recently embarrassed daughter Avery Singer

Ramona isn't one to kiss and tell. Find out why we don't see her dates in action on RHONY, below.

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Ramona Knows How to Keep Her Relationships on the DL
This is why we rarely see Ramona Singer on dates.
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