Tamra Judge Offers an Update on Eddie Judge's Health: "It's Just Really Been Difficult"

The Real Housewives of Orange County husband has been trying to recover following five heart procedures.

The road to recovery has been a difficult one for Eddie Judge, with fans now following his journey with heart issues on the current season of The Real Housewives of Orange County. The SoCal fitness guru has undergone three cardioversions and two heart ablations since that Season 13 premiere (clip above) was filmed and Tamra Judge told The Daily Dish this week that it's been a struggle for him to land back on his feet.

"It's been really difficult since we moved. Eddie had his first heart procedure the day after we moved in, so since we moved in, he's had a total of five heart procedures and he's still not doing great. And he's just taking it day by day. We don't know what his outcome's going to be. He has a doctor's appointment next week to find out what the next step is. But he's actually, right now, worse than when he started out. He just had a heart procedure three weeks ago where they went in and cauterized his heart in 71 places and we thought that that was going to be the end. But now he's in the healing process and that sent him into what's called a flutter and his heart is just uncontrollable. And he's on all kind of medication: heart medication and beta blockers. And it's just really been difficult on pretty much all of us — more so on him."

A longtime fitness fanatic and CUT Fitness owner, dealing with such an intense health crisis has really affected him as he continues to deal with an irregular heartbeat, also known as an arrhythmia.

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Tamra Judge Gives an Update on Eddie’s Health Troubles
Tamra Judge from #RHOC tells Andy Cohen some troubling news about husband Eddie Judge’s health, and Andy asks how he is coping with the setbacks.

"I think it's changed him in a lot of ways and he's never really had to deal with any medical issues," she said. "And to have to go through something like that, to rely on medication to survive basically right now, it's just really eye-opening to him. He's so calm now. Well, hes always been calm, but he's always been busy and on the go and he can't sit down. And now ... he has to take that time to just sit down and relax. And it's been life-changing for him."

Check out more of Eddie, below.

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