Meghan King Edmonds "Survived Week One with Twins" — Including Breastfeeding Both Babies at the Same Time

The Real Housewives of Orange County alum has tackled some major challenges in one week.

Life with a newborn is never easy — and Meghan King Edmonds just made it through her first week with two little ones! The Real Housewives of Orange County alum just welcomed two twin boys, Hayes and Hart, into the world. And although she and husband Jim Edmonds are head-over-heels in love with the little guys, it's not all baby coos and cuddles. 

On her blog, Meghan came clean about the realities of mommy-hood. In a rightfully celebratory post entitled "I Survived Week One With Twins!" the mom of three wrote: "Overall, twin life has been great.  We are all settling in better than I anticipated: [our daughter] Aspen is a little lover of her baby brothers, our nanny has given Aspen a ton of one on one time and allowed me to bond with the newborn babies, Jimmy has doted on me while balancing his own work and daddy hood, my friends and family have rallied around me with food, help, support, and understanding. I feel settled in my home life and I’m experiencing a feeling of peace I didn’t feel after I had Aspen. The love story has begun."

That said, there were some challenges that arose. "I’m still bleeding a lot (another unexpected present that I didn’t have with Aspen, likely due to two massive wounds inside me where two placentas used to be) so I am relegated to using the stairs only once a day and not moving around in the house too much (plus my pubic bone is still killing me and so I’m still waddling)," she confessed, adding that Jim has been beyond helpful in helping her around the house. 

And though she encountered some issues with breastfeeding when her nipples became chapped, Meghan mastered the extremely difficult art of tandem-feeding the twins earlier this week. She even has an adorable video to prove it — check out the pics below.

Photo: @meghankedmonds/Instagram Stories

Photo: @meghankedmonds/Instagram Stories

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