Potomac's Karen Huger Teaches You How to Drink Like a Lady in Any Situation

"You don't have to get lit to have fun at a Huger party," the #RHOP grande dame said.

Alcohol can really liven up a party, but it can also make people act a little sloppy. Luckily, we have Karen Huger, The Real Housewives of Potomac's resident etiquette expert, to teach us how to drink and have a good time while still acting like a lady.

Karen gave us some tips (clip above) on how to react in certain situations that 'Wives from other cities have found themselves in, such as giving someone booze as a gift, exiting a party gracefully, and accommodating sober guests. "You don't have to get lit to have fun at a Huger party," according to Karen.

Don't imbibe without learning all of Karen's advice in the above clip. And if you're ever not sure how to act in a situation, it would help to think, What would Karen Huger do? 

Let Karen also educate you on the art of aging gracefully, below.

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