Reza Applauds Kim Kardashian's Middle East Tour

“Kim has a nice 'peace,'” says the Shahs of Sunset star.

Reza Farahan is keeping up with Kim Kardashian’s three-day tour of the Middle East, and the Shahs of Sunset star likes what he sees.
“Kim has a nice 'peace'. I don't know if she can bring it, but I hope so. We need some peace in the Middle East,” Reza -- and his 'stache – tell The Huffington Post about the socialite’s trip to Kuwait and Bahrain. “I would say 70 percent of my family are still in the Middle East. You know, honestly, it breaks my heart when civilians are affected because of governments, you know. It’s really devastating because most of the people that live in the Middle Eastern countries just want the things we have here. They just want to live life.”
Reza has a few government makeover ideas in mind to make that happen. “If I were in the Middle East I would be running sh*t," the 38-year-old says. "I would get rid of all these religious fanatics, there would be a gay pride parade going down the boulevard in all the major cities -- [there] would be kissing and hugging, not fighting.”
Amen! So, Kim, how about another trip next month? “I can’t wait to go to Israel with Kim," Reza tosses out the invite. "If she’s in, I’m going.”
In the meantime, keep up with Reza’s life in L.A. by using our Tweet Tracker!

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