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Ricky Martin Opens Up About His Iconic 2000 Barbara Walters Interview: How Did He Feel When Pressed About His Sexuality?

The singer reveals if he regrets his answer on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen.

Singer Ricky Martin stopped by Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen in Los Angeles on April 9. While he was there, the singer fielded some questions from fans — and one of them asked him to speak about his iconic 2000 interview with Barbara Walters. 

Via Facebook, a viewer asked: "What was going through your mind when Barbara Walters asked you about your sexuality in that very famous interview? Did you know that that question was coming?"

To back up a bit, when Walters conducted the interview, Martin was not yet openly gay. After she asked the singer to address rumors about his sexuality and he demurred, Walters persisted. "You could stop these rumors," she said then. "You could say, as many artists have, 'Yes I am gay,' or you could say, 'No I'm not,' or you could leave it as you are: ambiguous." Martin stood his ground, thanking Walters for giving him the opportunity to address rumors, but letting her know that he did not feel like speaking to them at that particular time. 

Now on WWHL, some 18 years later, Martin recalled the emotions he felt then. "Have you seen that video? It's horrible," he began. Watch the clip above to hear the rest of the story from Martin's perspective. 

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