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Is Sarah Jessica Parker the Greatest Whistler of All-Time?

Andy Cohen's BFF just revealed her hidden talent. 

There are very few things Sarah Jessica Parker can't do. Over the years she's proven that if anyone can pull of a tutu or a newsprint dress while running around Manhattan in sky-high heels, it's her. Therefore we shouldn't be very surprised to learn that SJP is also adept at something else. That something? Whistling.

The Sex and the City fashionista recently flaunted that skill to celebrate her BFF Andy Cohen's birthday and we couldn't help but be impressed by her ability. Just watch the video to above for proof that she can whistle like a true professional.

Know what else SJP is great at? Spilling the tea, as you can see in the video below.

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SJP Pleads the Fifth!
Andy Cohen has three questions for Sarah Jessica Parker and she can only Plead the Fifth on one of them!
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