Has Kelly Dodd Moved on from Her Drama with Shannon Beador?

#FlippingOut's Jenni Pulos weighs in on their #RHOC sit-down on #WWHL.

We didn't know what to expect when Kelly Dodd and Shannon Beador met to discuss the disastrous '70s party during Monday night's episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County. Though Kelly attempted to apologize for her behavior at the shindig, Shannon didn't feel that it was genuine, and it seemed like the situation wasn't really resolved after all.

Flipping Out's Jenni Pulos, who was spotted hanging out with Shannon this past July 4, asked for some clarity on the situation when she appeared on Watch What Happens Live with Kelly Monday night. "You apologized but then you said you were sorry but then you weren't sorry," Jenni told Kelly her take on what went down with Shannon (clip above). 

Kelly then explained to Jenni where she was coming from. "No, I apologized," she said. "We were both in the wrong, and I went there to apologize — not just for my behavior — but I wanted to move on and have her apologize, too. We were both in the wrong. I really wanted her to say I’m sorry too and move on." 

Jenni still didn't feel like that was the case. "But have you moved on, because it doesn’t seem like it," she told Kelly. 

Kelly reiterated that she is so over whatever went down at the '70s party. "Oh, no I’ve moved on," she said. 

Some WWHL viewers thought things seemed a little tense between Kelly and Jenni throughout the show. "'This episode of Watch What Happens Live is slightly uncomfortable. Obviously, these two don’t like each other,'" Andy Cohen read one fan tweet on WWHL (clip below). "But I’m not getting the sense that you don’t like each other."

Watch What Happens Live
Do Jenni & Kelly Not Like Each Other?
Andy Cohen asks #RHOC’s Kelly Dodd and #FlippingOut’s Jenni Pulos if they do not like each other after WWHL viewers had commented on their seemingly tense appearance in the Clubhouse together.

Kelly and Jenni initially agreed that they had been "hitting it off" since they're both from Arizona and that they were "good," but then the Flipping Out star revealed that she had one bone to pick with the RHOC newbie. "I’ve been unhappy with some of your behavior. I’m not going to lie," Jenni told Kelly. "My ex cheated on me, so that comment [about Shannon's husband's affair] too was one step too far. I’m just throwing it out. Just throwing it out." 

Kelly explained the reason she said it. "I felt [Shannon] went a step too far," she said. "Was my behavior wrong? Yes, it was. Did I try to apologize? Yes, I did." 

But Jenni and Kelly seemed willing to work past their differences. "Hey, we’re walking over bridges tonight," Jenni looked on the bright side. 

ThIs installment of WWHL may have had a drama-free ending, but that's more than we can say for next Monday night's new episode of RHOC at 9/8c.

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Next on RHOC: An Explosive Ladies Night
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