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Shep and Kathryn Have Found Quite an Unusual Way to Bond Over Being Sober: 5 Clips You Need to See

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Kathryn C. Dennis is all about the yoga life these days. And she's taking her pal, Shep Rose, along for the ride — or should we say downward-facing dog? When the two Southern Charm pals met up for a little yoga during Monday's episode, they rekindled their old friendship — and Shep even revealed something shocking: He was on a break from drinking and partying. Namaste, Shep. We're breaking down some of the buzziest moments in The Daily Dish Morning After.

1.  Southern Charm

Shep shared the news of his hiatus from partying with Kathryn, who opened up more about her time in treatment in California. "It's been a lot of work to get here but I don't know, I'm happy," Kathryn tells her longtime pal about her life after rehab, adding, "It's weird coming back and adjusting to all of it again."

2.  Lover's Spat


Southern Charm
Craig Doesn't Feel Like Naomie Has His Back
Craig Conover and Naomie Olindo fight at Jennifer's sip and see.

Craig Conover and Naomie Olindo are definitely feeling the growing pains in their love affair. "Craig lives on Planet Craig and we live on Planet Earth — and that's just the way it is," she said. We just really hope Gizmo's mom and dad can work things out.

3.  Southern Charm Savannah


Southern Charm Savannah
Nelson's "Dirty Little Secret"
Find out why he made headlines in D.C.

Meet Congressman W. Nelson Lewis Jr. Well, actually, Nelson was never actually a Congressman. But, we'll let him explain, above.

4.  Still to Come...


Southern Charm Savannah
There's a Difference Between a Southern Belle and a Steel Magnolia
Savannah is the oldest city – and our new Charmers roots run deep. You’ve never seen Southern Charm like this.

Think that tidbit is juicy? You ain't seen nothing yet. Tune into Southern Charm Savannah every Monday at 10/9c.

5.  Thanks for the Memories

The Real Housewives of New York City
Ramona Singer Recalls Her Vow Renewal with Mario
The #RHONY mom cites it as one of her favorite show moments.

What is Ramona Singer's all-time favorite RHONY memory? The answer might surprise you... 

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