Shereé Whitfield Channeled Mariah Carey and Pulled an "I Don't Know Her" on Kenya Moore

Are the days of the Chateau Shereé and Moore Manor feud behind us?

If you hoped that Shereé Whitfield and Kenya Moore's shadefest at the unveiling of Chateau Shereé would be the end of their epic real estate beef, prepare to be disappointed. As you can see in the clip above, tensions between the two The Real Housewives of Atlanta homeowners remain high in the upcoming RHOA Season 9 reunion. However, Shereé says that it's not all hate between them.

“Kenya and I don’t have a friendship. I don’t know her, but we’re cordial. We had that one moment and then you see back at the Chateau, it gets all shady and crazy all over again. But at the end of the day we're cordial," Shereé recently told Wetpaint. "After our bonding moment in Hawaii, I kind of thought she would take the high road, but you know, I guess I gave her a little more credit than she deserved."

While they may be cordial these days. Shereé maintains that her home reigns supreme, as she recently told The Daily Dish. "Two beautiful pieces of real estate in Atlanta but, still, there's no competition," she said. "She did her thing and I'm proud of her for doing that. As a woman, not a lot of women can do this. So I think it as more friendly competition between us and just funny shade. But at the end of the day, she did her thing and as you saw [on the finale] I did mine too."

Check out more of Chateau Shereé, below.

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