Is Sonja Morgan Ready to Send Her Daughter Off to College?

Get an update on the #RHONY daughter's life these days.

Sonja Morgan's little girl, Quincy Adams Morgan, is growing up fast. In fact, the 16-year-old is hard at work trying to figure out where she'll go to college in the next couple years. And her mom, Sonja Morgan, is right there by her side to help her out.

"She is in that stage of SATs and applying to colleges next year. And we're gonna go early in August [and] visit the colleges and, wow, that's blowing my mind 'cause it's all the ivy leagues," The Real Housewives of New York City mom revealed. "She has a very high average and she's very smart — and it's freaking me out."

Among the schools on her shortlist? "Well, she'll go the family schools that her relatives went to. But they're not far. They're near Boston. They're near Connecticut. So she'll be not far like she is now. Not far, a couple of hours; three hours. So that's OK," Sonja said. "It's just that the admission process is really grueling. I'm sure she's gonna be fine, but until we're done it's just worrisome to make sure [she gets] into the school that's right for her."

While it took time for Sonja to get used to having her daughter away at boarding school, these days they've found a way to keep in touch. "She's at boarding school and she's thriving, but it was hard for me when she left 'cause we were very close and living together here, and now I'm on my own," Sonja said. "She's very happy where she is, but we miss each other. Thanks to texting these days — we text constantly, which kind of gives me more anxiety 'cause she's an overachiever so everything she tells me is on top of me."

Check out throwback pics of Sonja, below.

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