Sonja Morgan: It’s No One's Business What LuAnn Did

"If Tomas (or was it Johnny Depp?) is giving her attention, let her enjoy," she says.

After dressing like a pirate while on vacation and bringing home some French man booty, is LuAnn de Lesseps about to walk the plank on her relationship?

“Really, it’s no one’s business what she did. If she wanted us to know, she would have told us. She would have woken us up,” The Real Housewives of New York City’s Sonja Morgan says matter-of-factly to People about that did-she-or-didn’t-she-cheat night. “It’s between her and Jacques.”

After a few laps too many during their St. Barths version of Turtle Time, the girls decided to paint the town red in their ahoy-ye-matey costumes. “I have been friends with Carole Gruson, owner of the fabulous Le Ti St. Barth, for decades. I had no idea her and Tomas were broken up until Tomas told me at the house the next night at our cocktail party,” Sonja explains in her Bravo blog.

So while Tomas, better known as the Johnny Depp double LuAnn brought home, was single at the time, the Countess was not. Hello, Jacques. “I’m thrilled LuAnn let her hair down a bit and got in touch with her inner pirate booty. If Tomas (or was it Johnny Depp?) is giving her attention, let her enjoy!”

Lu maintains it was all innocent fun, but is she hiding a treasure chest of secrets from Jacques? Start a Tweet Battle and give your side.

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