Gigi Hadid Weighs In on Her South Park Cameo: "The Most Iconic 5 Seconds of My Existence"

The #RHOBH daughter — and Lisa Vanderpump's Sangria — were featured on the legendary series.

File this under: When very unexpected worlds collide. On this week's episode of South Park, the concepts of charity and body shaming were tackled in the typical tongue-in-cheek style that the long-running animated series is known for. And they even stepped it up a notch by including shout-outs to Real Housewives of Beverly HillsLisa Vanderpump and Gigi Hadid.

First up, Randy heads to the Whole Foods, where he all he really wants to do is buy some of Lisa's famed Sangria (we don't blame him) — later, the cashier asks him to donate to a charity which helps put a hamster through college. He passes on the opportunity because he's "already doing all this stuff" for charity. 


Lisa never actually makes an appearance in the show, but her pal Yolanda Foster's daughter Gigi does. Following her empowering open letter to online trolls, Gigi's likeness appears in the episode, which also takes a look at body shaming and its relationship to celebrities. And even animated Gigi looks great.  

Gigi was pretty excited to be a part of the episode.


Here's some more Gigi to kick off your weekend.

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