Chelsea Meissner Reveals Her Dream Guy: "If Something Comes Along, Great"

The Southern Charm pal's ex and BFF also offer up their opinion on her love life.

Chelsea Meissner is obsessed with something, but that thing doesn't happened to be finding Mr. Right right at this moment, though, as she reveals in the video above. But, is there one thing her dream lover would have to possess  to keep her away from the archery range? Well, let her explain.

However, Chelsea is definitely not actively pursuing anything, as she further revealed in the Southern Charm After Show. "If something comes along, great," the Southern Charm pal shared.

Her ex, Austen Kroll, definitely has some thoughts about what it's like to date her (more above) — but, as it turns out, there is one guy who has some feelings for the hairdresser, regardless of his take on the whole thing. "My husband is in love with Chelsea. He would take her on as a sister wife," Cameran Eubanks revealed about her hubby's affection for her BFF.

Want to hear a bit more about her love life? Check out the video below — and, also, make sure to check her and the crew out every Thursday at 9/8c.

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