Cameran Eubanks Just Shared a Story About Her Daughter That's Equal Parts Funny and Terrifying

The Southern Charm mama posted an update that makes us want to scream — and LOL. 

It's amazing what can happen if you turn your back on an infant for all of two seconds — and Southern Charm mama Cameran Eubanks knows that all too well. Don't worry, everyone is unscathed, but the story you're about to hear might make you yelp in terror ... and you definitely won't want to keep scrolling if you're eating lunch. 

Still with us? Here's what happened: On July 10, Cameran posted a photo on Instagram which was indeed very different from the adorable family portrait that came before it. The snap featured a giant cockroach lying supine, with its hairy legs quite visible. (Pause for shudder.) 

But it seems that Cameran's baby daughter fears no insect. "I turned my back for 2 seconds. In an impressive display of fine motor skill, clenched betwixt her little thumb and index finger Palmer was gracefully admiring a FACKING ROACH," the grossed-out mother wrote. Yikes! 

Well, we have to hand it to her: Palmer is one brave little one. 

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