Whitney Sudler-Smith Shares What It Was Like Taste-Testing Cameran Eubanks' Breast Milk

The Southern Charm bachelor gets real about bonding with his BFF.

Friends sometimes make interesting decisions when it comes to how they choose to honor and support each other and their life choices. In this case, when Whitney Sudler-Smith was offered the chance to try Cameran Eubanks' breast milk during a recent episode of Southern Charm, he did it because what are friends for if not to try each other's breast milk?

Of course, as Cameran has been quick to point out, Whitney has really taken on his role as an uncle of sorts to her daughter, Palmer: "And believe it or not, Whitney has definitely been the most involved with Palmer. He comes and sees her. He's always — a lot of people would be surprised by this — but he sends me articles on parenting," Cameran shared with The Daily Dish back in May. "There's a whole 'nother side of him that I don't think people really see. He's very, very caring, believe it or not." 

So we perhaps shouldn't be too shocked by this development. And, in the video above, during a recent segment of the Southern Charm After Show, Whitney reflects more on that experience. Come for the explanation, stay for Shep Rose's reaction to it all. 

Below, Cameran opens up a bit more about her life as a mother.

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Cameran Didn't Bond with Her Newborn Baby Right Away
Cameran Eubanks shares her take on being a new mother.
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