Stay Classy: Civilized Gifts for Cocktail Lovers

Show up with one of these super-chic gifts, and get invited back to every cocktail party forever.

Heading to a slew of swank holiday parties this week and next? Bring some of these fabulous booze-related finds, and help your friends toast the festivities and the new year in style.

Eli Mason Spiced Simple Syrup 

If you don’t know about Eli Mason by now, you should. They’re an amazing, Tennessee-based company making glorious syrups and elixirs guaranteed to change the way you make cocktails. This delicious Spiced Simple Syrup is the perfect gift for anyone who has a home bar and guests to warm up during the holidays.

Asprey Martini Shaker

Asprey products are the epitome of understated English luxury.  A proper cocktail shaker made by the revered brand is the quintessential bar accessory, especially for those of us who prefer our martinis like Mr. Bond likes his. Extra points if you get your hands on one of Asprey's "Thirst Extinguisher" shakers. (With a name like that, you might just be needing that license to kill this holiday season.)

Pewter Purse Flask

There are about a thousand and one festive parties to attend during the “extended holiday season”—also known as early November to mid April. These social events cannot be navigated without a big-girl beverage. But for anyone who wants to avoid the judgy gaze from so-and-so’s great-aunt, parked inconveniently in the armchair by the bar, a gift like this will surely come in handy. Extra points to you if you find time to get it monogrammed. But don't forget—the last-name initial goes in the middle, y’all.

Wooden Six-Pack Beer Caddy



Even non-beer drinkers will thrill to find this sweet little caddy under their roof. For those of you who know and love people of the beer-drinking persuasion, this tasteful caddy will be a life-changing solution for boozy outings year-round.

Baccarat "Cocktail Party in a Box"

Listen, if the name of this pretty little set doesn’t speak for itself, there’s nothing left to say.

Whiskey Stones

There are two strong stances on the subject of whiskey stones. One the one hand, the general position of many whisky aficionados is to encourage folks to drink whiskey neat, or with a splash of filtered water, if you must. There is, however, no accounting for taste, and some people truly do prefer their drinks cold. Whiskey stones are a lovely gift for would-be whiskey professionals who want to cool down their drink without the compromising flavor of freezer ice.

Everyday Drinking by Kingsley Amis

This book is a treasure, and makes a timeless gift. It is by turns hilarious and informative; from its diet for committed drinkers to tips on how to avoid a hangover, Amis's classic will have you and your friends laughing out loud and taking notes.

Cocktail Mixing Pitcher

For those drinks that you just oughtn’t shake, or for the lady in your life who likes to fix a cocktail but fears vigorous shaking might be risky given the cut of her gown—a cocktail mixing pitcher (here's one to consider) is an elegant (not to mention less pricey) alternative to “The Thirst Extinguisher.

Vermouth Syringe/Pipette

These Mad Men-era treasures are intended to deposit exactly the right amount of aromatic wine into your martini glass, and then voila, the perfect cocktail. These tools can be tough to come by, but if you’ve got a true cocktail connoisseur in your life, they're worth the hunt.

On Booze by F. Scott Fitzgerald

For the Gatsby lovers on your list: In this book, the celebrated author discusses one of his absolute favorite activities. 

Absinthe Spoon

While slightly more familiar than the vermouth syringe, the absinthe spoon—a necessary accessory for correctly imbibing the green, oft-romanticized spirit—is still quite a unique (not to mention fun) gift for the boozily-inclined on your naughty/nice list. Extra credit if you find one in proper sterling silver at the antique store. And hats off if you gift a bottle of real absinthe too, not the diluted nonsense they sell aux Etats-Unis. 

Crystal Punch Bowl and Cups

A gift like this one is risky—you give it almost with the hope that pieces of it will break before too long. A good rum punch or grandpa’s recipe eggnog should have guests dropping those lovely little cups in no time. As the saying goes, if you won’t use it because you’re afraid to break it, why have it in the first place? The same goes for gifting. Let them love it and lose it, and share the memories!

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