Tabatha Coffey Embraces her 'Inner Bitch'

"I totally own that title," Tabatha says.

You aren't going to rattle Tabatha Coffey by calling her a bitch. In fact, she might even thank you. "I wish I had a penny for every time someone referred to me as a bitch," the Tabatha's Salon Takeover star tells CNN. "I'd be lying on a beach somewhere."

After first appearing on Shear Genius, the Aussie says people who recognized her would often refer to her as "that bitch." But instead of letting her self-esteem take a hit over those B-bombs, Tabatha chose to "truly embrace her inner bitch," adopting her well-known acronym "Bravery Intelligence Tenacity Creativity Honesty."

"It's something that we all should be—male and female," she tells CNN. "I run a successful business, I have a really strong work ethic, I try and lead by example—being a bitch is a huge part of it!"

Haters, be damned. T continues, "I just think the word itself has such a negative impact on people when you say it. For my acronym, I feel like, yes, I do own it. I am all those things. A lot of us out there are, and it really isn't a bad thing. I totally own that title."

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