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Talk Bubblers Hail Their New King Kevin

Kevin bursts Ed and Angelo’s bubble while Bubblers chime in from coast to Craft

The Top Chef D.C. Finale didn't just take over the airwaves on Wednesday. All over the country, from the boulevards of Los Angeles to the streets of New York and into the World Famous Bravo Talk Bubble, Top Chef Fever was in air. Just a few minutes before the East Coast airing, Twitterer @MaxMack13 gave a shout out from an NYC sidewalk: "Just walked by craft and the #topchef finale party. Looks crazy. Surprised by three people w/ lists in front and what looks like a red carpet." While at the same time, on the other end of that red carpet, Top Chef Judge @ericripert tweeted "Very caliente!!! At Craft... Top Chef Party...everyone is here!!!" Don't be surprised, MaxMack, it takes a small army to host this nationwide party full of Superfans and Bravolebrities tweeting and Talk Bubbling their way through the show!

Season Six Fan Favorite @topchefkevin joined the talk Bubble all the way from Hotlanta when he said, "ATL is hoppin! It's a shame I can't be in NYC with you guys tonight." Even if he couldn't be there in person, Bubblers were thrilled to see Kevin join the online party. One somewhat notable Bubbler, the honorable @Mvoltaggio, gave Kevin a hearty welcome back to the scene, hollerin' "Ladies and gentlemen @topchefkevin is back on Twitter! Welcome back playa!" And Facebook user Namella Kim was feeling the love just the same when she busted into the Bubble with, "Hey dudes, I am ready to party like a rock star with my Bravo family tonight! Good luck to all the contestants and let's hear it for us - the peanut gallery. More cockles please!!!" Bravolebrities and Superfans from across the country joining in to rap about the show, that's what the Talk Bubble's all about! Party on, Namella!

Speaking of Bravolebrities, @kellyliken may have been eliminated in last week's episode, but that didn't stop her from joining in on some Talk Bubble action! "Singapore was amazing," she said. "My favorite? Chili Crab!" Apparently Padma liked the chili crab too according to @ericripert who whipped out his iPhone to tweet to the Bubble: "Padma is emotional about chili crab in Singapore." But it wasn't chili crab that had the Talk Bubble emotional – it was Angelo's sudden illness that threatened to force him out of the competition. MsMegan777 said she was, "nervous about how this #TopChef finale is going. Angelo could have won, easily, but being sick may be his downfall." Not everyone was so sympathetic to Angelo's plight, like Talk Bubbler LibertyJoy who asked, " So Angelo's sick....does Hung get to go for the money??!!" And @latinabug_nj seemed to disagree about Angelo being a shoo-in when she tweeted "Ed looks hot and skinny!" Time to put back on that yellow dress, Ed!

In the end, it was Team Kevin that would prevail when their Cheftestant took the Top Chef crown. Bubbler Susan Gooch Spence was practically foaming when she presaged the come-from-behind win, shouting from the rooftops "KEVINKEVINKEVINKEVINKEVIN." Former Cheftestant @kellyliken must have felt the big win in the air as well when she tweeted "I want to eat Kevin's "Singapore Sling 2010", looks so refreshing!" just minutes before the big announcement.Tweeter @aaronhoskins thought the wrong man won, "Ed got robbed. At least it wasn't Angelo." Good thing @ndnbhar was there for a little diplomacy, "Either way, these three should be so proud and humbled to even be in Singapore cooking for such amazing chefs and people!!"

And with that, the curtain closed on Top Chef D.C. Congratulations to all the great cheftestants featured this season! And congratulations to you Talk Bubblers on a night to remember!

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