Tamra Reveals Her New Man!

In this week's Reunion live blog, Tamra confesses that she just might be in love.

Well, O.C. fans, it looks like our little Tamra has maybe found love again. During last night's reunion live blog, the Real Housewife said that she was indeed dating Eddie Judge, a  "HOT Latin lover." She adds, "I would have to say....I THINK IM IN LOVE!!!!" I first I thought she may be kidding, but, um, maybe not. "FOR THE RECORD....Eddie Judge was Not a friend of Simon's like he has reported all over the press," the Real Housewife commented. And to those who think she may be working too fast, the outspoken 'wife says, "Liisten, I dont let the grass grow under my feet...." So, there you have it. So, don't worry about Tamra -- seems she's doing OK, at least in the love department. You can read the entire transcript of the live blog, but I want to know, are you guys happy for her?

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